Jiwaku Kids Vitamin

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Jiwaku kids help children get their daily dose of recommended vitamins and minerals . 



Seaweed, Honey, Raisin, Dates, Pomegranate, Carrots, Omega 3 - DHA and Orange. 

Liquid form 250 ml

Orange flavour


Benefits :

1. Rich source of nutrition 

2. Protection From Intestinal Disturbances

3. Gives Stronger Teeth

4. Good Functioning Liver

5. Treatment for Dysentery

6. Cure for Constipation

7.  Overall Health Improvement


Jiwaku kids suitable for / dosage:

Minimum Age : 1 year old

1 - 3 yo : 15ml once a day
4 - 8 yo : 15ml twice a day
9 - 12 yo : 15ml three times daily

*before breakfast and before bedtime 

Who can drink Vitamin JiwakuKids?

Children ages between 1-9 years old

Any additional sugar content in Jiwaku Kids?

Yes we use fructose and sucralose approved by FDA.


Can children with G6PD drink vitamin Jiwaku Kids?
Not recommended due to vitamin C and blueberry. Check with your doctor.