Obsess Cosmetics (not valid for customers)

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What it is:

Solid oil based cleanser.

What it does:

Helps dissolve the natural oils produced by the skin. In addition to stubborn dirt oil resulting from the use of daily makeup.


Shea butter, Argan oil, Orange peel oil, Geranium oil, Chamomile oil, Vit C, Sea Buckthorn Berry Oil, 24K Gold Leaf Aloe Vera.69



Benefits using Cleansing Balm Obsess:

💚 Formulated with Vitamin E & C to cleanse face without using any water 1st.

💚 Easy to apply, saves time & works effectively better than other cleansers.

💚 Combination of nutrients from the 5 best oils will help to achieve more healthy & glowing skin after consistent use.

💚 Specially made to retain refreshing moisture to skin after use in removing makeup.

💚 Suitable for dry, sensitive , oily or combination skin type. The most wanted Cleansing Balm that deep-clean, moisturise skin & helps to prevent clogged pores, blackheads & acne.