Nilofa Plus Pineapple Drinktox


Drinktox is a PINEAPPLE flavor detox to help eliminate toxins from our body and water retention. Detox will occur approximately 8 hours after.



Pineapple extract, Afircan Wild Mango. Citrus Medterranean, Gardina Cambogia, Senna Leaf, Physillium Husk, Sukralose, Fibre Premix, Vitamin C


How to drink:

 1 sachet into 120ml of cold water into a shaker or stir in warm water.

Week 1: 1 sachet before sleep 

Week 2: 1 sachet before breakfast and 1 sachet before sleep


Not suitable for:


Breastfeeding below 3 months

Heart disease

Diabetes that requires daily insulin

Patients with high dosage of medicine


7 sachets per box