Miezadelle Lactation Tea (not valid for customers)

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Miezadelle Lactation Drink or used to be known as Adelle Nursing Tea is an extract powder of organic red dates, dried longan, goji berries, rose buds, black dates & arabic gums. These 100% natural ingredients has proven to help increase milk production in breastfeeding mothers. 

Made specially for confinement & breastfeeding mummies. Mummies no longer have to go through the trouble in boiling and finding for ingredients. This sachets are ready for you to stir & drink!

Helps to increase breastmilk supply
Thickens breastmilk
Gives you lasting energy
Helps to increase hemoglobin levels during pregnancy
Convenient for confinement mummies
Anyone can drink for overall health

Consist of 10 sachets in a box. Halal Certified.

How to drink it?
- Simply cut the sachet & pour in a cup
- Fill the cup with hot water & let the tea soak
- Ready to drink in 5 minutes!