Kucate Tea


Experience the delicately sweet delicious nourishing tea specially created for all Superwoman to revitalize blood, balances mood and spirit - just what your body needs to recover and heal.

7 Super Ingredients from Dried Fruits and Dried Flowers

  • Rose
  • Red dates
  • Goji berry
  • Mulberry
  • Raisin
  • Longan
  • Ginger

DOES NOT contain kacip fatimah(Labisia pumila) or manjakani(Aleppo oak).

Unique Health Benefits of KUCATE Superwoman 7 Herbs Tea:

Superwoman: Unleash the Power in You

  • Alleviates the pain of menstruation and helps remove the old blood flow
  • Relieves muscle soreness in postpartum and menstruation
  • Boosts breast milk production for breastfeeding mothers
  • Boosts production of red blood cells especially due to loss of blood during childbirth
  • Prevents hair loss especially after childbirth
  • Balances energy in the inner body (qi) and improves immunity
  • Soothes anxiety, reduces stress and maintains a good mood


Be mesmerized by the beautiful display of floral ingredients:


Beauty is in the eye of beholder - but this holds your secret to an everlasting happiness. Because nothing compares to the felicity of radiantly clear skin. Imagine the enchanting petals of roses and chrysanthemum as your nightly routine. Your beauty-tea journey starts here!

Deep relaxation begins with the calming of the mind. Experience the taste of tranquillity that extracts from the detoxification in osmanthus and antioxidants in Longan, infused with the magical immunity of honey. It's also benefitial for breastfeeding mothers.
Truly your heavenly companion at the end of every day.

Kickstart your day with confidence and focus. The powerful fusion of ginger and chrysanthemum works its wonders as you go through the day by easing any signs of discomfort caused by bloated tummy, poor indigestion, migraines and inflammation.
Your sidekick to a perfect day.