Felleraskin Brightskinz

A type of juice drink with a combination of 19 types of the world's best ingredients that help repair the inside of the skin from the inside, beautify the skin, brighten the skin & contain the best substances, which act as "skin food" from the inside.


Brightskin juice is formulated using High Quality Grade A ingredients, among the best in the world. The ingredients used are safe and non-medicinal. It is a type of additional nutrition supplement from fruit extracts & vitamins that is very good for giving birth to new skin that is more beautiful, plump, & more radiant.


Brightskin juice is also very good to be consumed by pregnant mothers from the age of 3 months, to help reduce allergies, provide good nutrients to pregnant mothers, keep HB readings always good and the taste can make pregnant mothers addicted! it tastes good. In addition, expectant mothers who practice brightskin juice will have beautiful skin. not only the mother's skin, but the baby's skin will also be plump, clean & beautiful. free from the peeling problem after birth later.


How to consume:

• 1 Sachet a day, alternating with Jelly bellrossa or take one stick every day.