Vifoly (not valid for customers)

NOT VALID FOR CUSTOMERS. Orders will be void for any customers order. WhatsApp us at 8751 5893 if you wish to join us as a dropshipper/resellers.

Retail Price:

1 Bottle for $35

1 Travel Pack for $29

(not able to mix MOQ between both)


Vifoly is made of :

  • salmon oil extract, 
  • Omega 3 with added DHA. 
  • Dates,
  • raisins,
  • gingko biloba
  • centella
  • spirulina.

Berries flavour♥️

Suitable for whole family! 

Safe for pregnant mum, breastfeeding mum, elderly and young kids!

Vifoly is a berry juice-based supplement.

Whats the benefit of Vifoly?

-Enhances the Immune system of the body
-Providing lasting energy
-Help children focus and memorize
-Improve brain response
-Reduces constipation
-Improve your mood and hormones
-Make Kids understand better, less sleepy and more diligent
-Strengthening Eye Health

And many more...

The efficiency of Vifoly Juice depends on each individual. Some are as early as 3 days to 3 weeks.