TruCleanx Detox


TruCleanx is an orange and mint leaf flavored drink that works to remove toxins in the body and solve water retention

🍊Main Ingredients:

Cactus fruit- Increase body immunity

Dandelion- Solve Water Retention Problem

Apple Cider - Improve digestive system

Ginger- Reduces weight and helps with digestion

Green Apple- Removes toxins from the body


-Solve Water Retention Problems

-Removes toxins from the body

-Increase body immunity

-Improve digestive system

-Reduce excessive weight

🎀How to consume?:-

1 Sachet before breakfast or before bedtime.


If you are consuming TruFitz Double Shot, consume Trucleanx before bedtime

If you are consuming TruFitz Night Duty, consume Trucleanx before breakfast.

❕1Fat Burner + Trucleanz


1 Meal Replacement + Trucleanx