ShortCutx 30 Days Weight Loss Program (not valid for customers)




14x Flat Tummy Shakes in Cookie Butter Crunch Flavour

- Formulated with a healthy ratio of complete proteins, vitamins and minerals to help you curb your appetite and maintain your energy levels.



8x Night Fat Burner in Wildberry Lavender Flavour

- Made with natural ingredients to support high quality sleep simultaneously maximizing fat-burning for weight loss



8x Detox Juice in Passionfruit Apple Flavour

- Enhances the body’s cleansing process and regulates bowel movement


If you are motivated to feel good and live a healthier lifestyle, this 30 Day Weight Loss Pack has all you need to achieve real weight loss results. Burn more calories and enjoy discovering more energy as your body is transformed. Jumpstart your weight loss program with the ultimate solution for losing weight in a healthy and convenient way. You’ll enjoy benefits you can not only see, but feel as well! See results as early as 7 days when combined with our best selling Apple Cider Fat Burner Fruit Juice!



For best results, combine this product with Apple Cider Fat Burner Fruit Juice in the same day.

Week 1: Consume Flat Tummy Shakes in the morning as a breakfast meal replacement

Week 2: Consume Night Fat Burner before your bedtime

Week 3: Consume Flat Tummy Shakes in the morning as a breakfast meal replacement

Week 4: Consume Detox Juice after dinner.


When consuming with other supplements, ensure you gap at least thirty minutes in between and drink enough water to keep your body hydrated.