Obsess Cosmetics Hari Raya Lipmatte

Obsess Hari-hari, Hari Raya Lipmatte

Obsess Cosmetics proudly presents to you bold and vibrant colours of our new lip matte for this Raya collection. Seven colours mark the 7th year Obsess being your favorite local cosmetics brand when it comes to celebrating Raya with joy and happiness. Hari-hari, Hari Raya collection is heavenly made of five main ingredients;
• Bees wax 
• Shea butter 
• Vitamin E  
• Squalene from olives oil 
• Sea buckthorn fruit oil 
These powerful ingredients help in moisturizing the lips, prevent moisture loss and keep your lips hydrated. The healing properties soothe and heal dry, cracked, and chapped lips. Shea butter contains Vit A which promotes cell regeneration. Contains natural SPF to prevent sun damage and keep the lips looking healthy, youthful and beautiful.
Suitable for all skin tones.