Sugardoll Calming Cream


Calming lotion is a weight loss cream specially designed to burn body fat. The lightweight cream absorbs easily into the skin and burn fat around your belly, hips, thighs and also blocks cellulite formation. 


  • helps burn excess fats
  • inch loss on your arms, thighs and stomach
  • eliminate cellulite
  • eliminate flatulence
  • get a slim waist



Apply and massage onto the desired areas with excess fats twice a day in the morning after shower and before bedtime. Massaging helps to absorb the cream into the blood stream for better results by reducing the size of fat cells, combats cellulite and finally help you achieve your desired body goals. You can even apply it  on your chin!


Safe for pregnancy as the ingredients is not harmful, it won’t be burning unpleasant sensation . You may use it as prevention of cellulite and toning and contouring.