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This collection is only valid for dropshippers with accounts only. We only accept payment by PayNow

PayNow: Liz Carmen at 87515893


This order will be cancelled if:

  • Orders placed here are not by our authorised dropshippers/resellers
  • Orders are paid by other payment methods except PayNow (amount will be refunded to you and order will be void)
  • Points are being utilised for dropship orders (there is no further discounts for dropshippers)

Do not place orders here if:

  • You are a customer


Steps for ordering:

  1. Customers place orders and make payment to you directly

  2. You are logged in through your account to place orders for your customers

  3. Change the address and details to your customers' instead. This is very important otherwise the parcels will reach your doorstep instead. Delivery charges apply for delivery re-attempt

  4. Confirm the order and WhatsApp me at 8751 5893 the screenshot of the total payment stated on your order together with the order number

  5. Fixed delivery rate at $6 (within 3-7 working days). You can also opt for your own courier or self collect.


You can always WhatsApp me anytime if you have any further questions. And thank you for being a part of us!